gambar spark plug picture


Symptoms: Rounded electrodes with a baby bulk of a drop on the battlefront end. Normal Color. Causes adamantine starting in clammy or algid acclimate and poor ammunition economy

Recommendations: Plugs accept been larboard in the agent too long. Replace with new plugs of the aforementioned calefaction range. Follow the recommended aliment schedule.


Symptoms: Dry atramentous deposits indicates a affluent admixture or anemic ignition. Causes misfiring, adamantine starting, and hesitation.

Recommendations: Make abiding the bung has the actual calefaction Range, Analysis for chock-full air clarify or botheration in the ammunition arrangement or agent administration system. Additionally analysis for agitation arrangement problems.


Symptoms: Light amber deposits encrusted on the ancillary or centermost electrodes or both. Derived from oil ad/or fuel. Boundless bulk may affectation the spark, Causing misfiring and averseness during acceleration.

Recommendations: If boundless deposits accrue over a abbreviate time or mileages, install new valve adviser seals to anticipate seep-age of oil into the agitation chambers. Additionally try alteration gasoline brands.


Symptoms: Oily blanket acquired by poor oil control, oil is aperture accomplished beat valve guides or agent rings into the agitation chamber. Causes adamantine starting, misfiring and hesitation.

Recommendations: Actual thr automated action with all-important aliment and install new plugs.


Symptoms: Agitation deposits abode amid the electrodes, Heavy deposits accrue ad arch the electrode gap. The bung ceases to fire, consistent in a asleep cylinder.

Recommendations: Locate the adulterated bung and abolish the deposits from amid the electrodes.


Symptoms: Blistered, white insulator, breakable electrode and absence of deposits. Aftereffect in beneath bung life.

Recommendations: Analysis for the actual bung calefaction range, over avant-garde agitation timing, angular ammunition mixture, assimilation assorted exhaustion leaks, afraid valves and bereft agent cooling.


Symptoms: Melted electrodes, insulators are white, but may be bedraggled due to misfiring or aerial bits in the agitation chamber. Can beforehand to agent damage.

Recommendations: Analysis for the actual bung calefaction range, over beforehand agitation timing, angular ammunition mixture, bereft agent cooling and abridgement of lubrication.


Symptoms: Insulator has yellowish, anesthetized actualization indicates that agitation alcove temperatures accept risen aback during adamantine acceleration. Normal deposits cook to anatomy a conductive blanket Causes misfiring at aerial speeds.

Recommendations: Install new plugs. Consider application colder bung if active habits warrant.


Symptoms: Insulator may be absurd or chipped, abnormal gap ambience techniques can additionally aftereffect in a burst insulator tip. Can beforehand to agent damage

Recommendations: Make abiding the ammunition anti-knock ethics accommodated agent requirements. Use affliction back ambience the gaps on new plugs. Avoid lugging the engine.


Symptoms: May be causes by a adopted article in the agitation alcove or the agent arresting an incorrect ability (too long) plug, Causes a asleep cylinder, and could aftereffect in agent damage.

Recommendations: Repair the automated damage. Abolish the adopted article from the agent and/or install the actual ability plug.

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