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Dear Kang Topo, I have a motor Mega Pro 2009 and for the rear gear was standard, Tromol wheel. I wanted to ask why for the vibration felt dibonceng ya?
And suppose that the rear gear replaced smaller size (eg have GLProNeo Tech) will change the mounting bolts on the Tromol enggak ya Kang?
Thank you.
djodi.linx @
Salam modifications. Mega Pro Motor vibrates when used bicycle rack, it can cause a lot of factors.
The main problem would be expected not only from the gear or chain, can also be from the boss or the swing arm itself armnya still in good condition what problematic.
If the problem girnya own in the anticipation must be replaced, girnya own teeth when it was not working up to replace damaged components included.
Continue to go to a more significant problem again, can be checked into the problems associated such as chains, and swing arm boss armnya own.
Crosspart problem, if deemed not necessary because the motors do not need a stable and accurate wheel center.
Replacement can be done if penyesuaiaan needs, considering the size of the gears will affect the breath machine, the greater will be the shorter girnya breath. So from my hopefully useful
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