Manufacturers of sports cars for road and race. Company history, contact information, links, information and pictures of the cars and price list. Two continents different countries, New Zealand and the Netherlands collaborate to make a supercar named Saker. Recently the car was the result of this collaboration is the camera caught testing.
Saker GT version recently seen in tests with the appearance of being more fresh and captivating. Dutch sports car-New Zealand itself has two models of the GT and Sprint. Differences exist both in the roof.Saker Cars - New zealand and netherland Collaboration Car

As quoted from the Driving Fun detikOto, Monday (09/20/2010), When the Saker GT is a sports car with a hard roof, Saker Sprint is different because it has an open roof.This sports car was developed in 2001 by Robert Visser who wants a beautiful sports car with a price not too expensive. For that Visser then worked with an engineer named Bruce Turnbull New Zealand until finally born Saker.The result of this collaboration first began testing in 2004 with an exotic car that weighs 770 pounds and a spectacular performance from the Subaru's engine capacity of 2.0 liters.

But unfortunately, are not described in detail capabilities of this car and what the price tag of roughly two out of the car from the continent.

Dragger (Belati) GT! Super Car

Dragger (Belati) GT! Super Car The concept car is the Cheetah Corvette with the main objective, namely to break the record in all aspects. Includes the fastest shot in the straight, especially in Nurburgring, Germany. Dagger GT Twin Turbo engine fitted from aluminum-powered 2000 PS and 2710 Nm of torque to bring the body is made of carbon fiber material. Transmission using a TranStar Mendeola 6-speed.

If you do not believe Dagger be the fastest, this is the proof. for acceleration 0-100 km / h reached in just 1.5 seconds. As for distance seperampat miles or 250 meters carved 6.7 seconds. Want to know the maximum speed? Can reach 483 km / hour. The price, an estimated 450,000 U.S. dollars. Initial production is only 10 units in 2011 and delivered to the buyer 2012.

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2010 Mitsuoka Galue III Bangkok Internal Motorshow

The 2010 legend Mitsuoka Galue III. ,The Japanese are known for their styling quirks and this is evident in the Mitsuoka Galue III. Mitsuoka is a small Japanese manufacturer that takes contemporary vehicles and replaces their bodywork with unique designs that often pays homage to classic British cars. One such example is the Galue III, which is based on the first-generation full-size Nissan Fuga luxury car but with the bodywork replaced to look like an S-series Bentley from the 1950's. It may look weird but it's certainly admirable. 2010 Mitsuoka Galue III Bangkok Internal Motorshow
This is mazda active 2, California is of the only states in the Union where action sports enthusiasts can make the most of crashing waves and fresh powder, so the Los Angeles Auto Show was the only logical location for Mazda to unveil two of its customized compact Mazda2 models. The Active2 Surf & Snow Special Concepts cater to the needs of those individuals who get their thrills riding one in to the beach or down the mountainside with a set of bindings connecting them to their board, these two new concepts offer a bit more fun than your standard subcompact offering.2010 mazda active 2

The Active2 Surf is covered in a coat of Spirited Green paint and features a more aggressive front bumper and side skirts to go along with the white multi spoke 17 inch wheels and Active2 graphics that adorn the Mazda2 in graphite and white. The Active2 Snow is appropriately painted in Frozen White with an array of number 2s covering the front fender that houses an anthracite set of rims. Both models come with a rugged Thule roof rack system complete with matching snowboards or a surfboard made from lightweight carbon fiber.width: 556px; height: 351px;"
This is Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.If you want to feel what it is like to be in Michael Schumacher's car, then this one is for you. The seven-time Formula One world champion owns a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG similar to the one on display at the BIMS--a deep red luxury grand tourer. You can sit inside the car while one of Mercedes-Benz's German executives helpfully explains to you what makes the SLS AMG so special. Yes, it's a definite Facebook profile pic opportunity right there.SLS Mercedes AMGMercedes-Benz SLS AMGMercedes-Benz SLS AMG car Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Looking like a giant Tonka toy truck, the Suzuki X-Head is a quirky concept pickup truck designed to be a capable off-roader while looking fashionably good. The X-Head can be configured with three different modules: the Camper module easily lets two people sleep in relative comfort, the Rescue pack is designed for search and rescue operations, while the Fashion module (in photo) is for those who want to make an automotive fashion statement in the city. Suzuki X-Head 2011

Chromed Arabic Ferrari 599 GTB

This ferrari is belong to arabian king Chromed Arabic Ferrari 599 GTB Chromed Arabic Ferrari 599 GTBChromed Arabic Ferrari 599 GTB super car


the Best autoconcept manufacturer, Citroën has released first details for the new DS4, a unique and attractive blend of creativity, dynamism, exclusivity and versatility. DS4 is the second model in Citroën's distinctively-styled DS line.

DS4 brings an alluring mixture of premium design codes and a bold approach to automotive styling, with an emphasis on driving pleasure and advanced vehicle architecture. DS4 is a model with a multitude of talents, effortlessly responding to a broad range of owner needs, while enhancing the appeal and vitality of the motoring experience.

DS4 delivers a 'new at-the-wheel' experience with unrivalled driving sensations and outstanding agile on-road handling. With its slightly raised stance and taut lines, DS4 is a unique and eye-catching addition to the segment.would it be the best car ever?