Manufacturers of sports cars for road and race. Company history, contact information, links, information and pictures of the cars and price list. Two continents different countries, New Zealand and the Netherlands collaborate to make a supercar named Saker. Recently the car was the result of this collaboration is the camera caught testing.
Saker GT version recently seen in tests with the appearance of being more fresh and captivating. Dutch sports car-New Zealand itself has two models of the GT and Sprint. Differences exist both in the roof.Saker Cars - New zealand and netherland Collaboration Car

As quoted from the Driving Fun detikOto, Monday (09/20/2010), When the Saker GT is a sports car with a hard roof, Saker Sprint is different because it has an open roof.This sports car was developed in 2001 by Robert Visser who wants a beautiful sports car with a price not too expensive. For that Visser then worked with an engineer named Bruce Turnbull New Zealand until finally born Saker.The result of this collaboration first began testing in 2004 with an exotic car that weighs 770 pounds and a spectacular performance from the Subaru's engine capacity of 2.0 liters.

But unfortunately, are not described in detail capabilities of this car and what the price tag of roughly two out of the car from the continent.
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