First Look 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T

Very elegant style this is First Look 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T, The 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T is something of a pioneer in the midsize sedan segment, and you can bet other automakers will be closely watching its market performance. On paper, the Sonata turbo has the best fuel economy, more horsepower, and more torque when compared to the V-6-powered offerings of its formidable competition. Whether Hyundai has delivered this powertrain in a package that people will pick over a traditional powerplant like a V-6 is another question.

Spy shot 2012 Toyota Prius MPV

This is Spy shot 2012 Toyota Prius MPV
From the looks of things, the Prius MPV/crossover/mini-minivan thing will look exactly like, well, a Prius with a flatter, higher roof and an upright rear window. It appears to be sized somewhere between a Toyota Matrix and a Mazda 5, and to feature forward-hinged rear doors.
Test Drive 2011 Infiniti G25
Test Drive 2011 Infiniti G25 front
This is Test Drive 2011 Infiniti G25,Infiniti has earned a reputation for being the "Japanese BMW." Like the German automaker, Infiniti's U.S. entries are decidedly more performance oriented, but the brand's decision to install the naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter V6 in its G Sedan had us wondering if things were changing... and not for the better.

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Gallery:2011 Infiniti G25: First Drive
Here's the background: For Infiniti to continue expanding its U.S. sales, the company's marketing department listened to some important feedback from their dealers. Specifically, some buyers – particularly those of the fairer persuasion – thought the standard 328-horsepower V6 in the G Sedan was just too much. Scary, even. So... no sale. After hearing what its white-knuckled customers wanted, the company decided to add a less powerful G Sedan to its U.S. lineup. Easy peasy.
Test Drive 2011 Infiniti G25 Back
Test Drive 2011 Infiniti G25 Front look
The Ford Motor Company has been successful at a great many things, but building minivans hasn't been one of them. Perpetually mired in the shadow of offerings from Chrysler and Japan's automakers, the Blue Oval folded up its sliding-door tent and went home years ago, killing off its undersized Mercury Villager in 2002 and then extinguishing the Windstar-turned-Freestar (and its short-lived Mercury Monterey counterpart) in 2007. Brand supporters will doubtlessly note that the family-ferrying segment was in decline for some years before Dearborn walked away from it, but the truth is that Ford never managed to crack the market's top ranks despite more than 15 years of trying.
Test drive 2012 Ford Grand C-Max

So why, then, is red-hot Ford risking a return to the segment in 2012 with the Grand C-Max shown here – a vehicle that's conspicuously smaller and less powerful than the segment norm? Do they know something that we don't? We hopped a puddle jumper to Nice, France after covering last week's Paris Motor Show in an attempt to find out.

Test drive 2012 Ford Grand C-Max Side
Test drive 2012 Ford Grand C-Max
Test drive 2012 Ford Grand C-Max Car
T-bones a real cop car on TF3 set

seems that may just be the case for the folks working on Transformers 3. The movie has had its share of crashes, with a few of them being of the "unplanned" variety. The latest incident takes place in Washington D.C. and involves a certain yellow Camaro that Transformers fans know better as Bumblebee.