gambar spark plug picture


Symptoms: Rounded electrodes with a baby bulk of a drop on the battlefront end. Normal Color. Causes adamantine starting in clammy or algid acclimate and poor ammunition economy

Recommendations: Plugs accept been larboard in the agent too long. Replace with new plugs of the aforementioned calefaction range. Follow the recommended aliment schedule.


Symptoms: Dry atramentous deposits indicates a affluent admixture or anemic ignition. Causes misfiring, adamantine starting, and hesitation.

Recommendations: Make abiding the bung has the actual calefaction Range, Analysis for chock-full air clarify or botheration in the ammunition arrangement or agent administration system. Additionally analysis for agitation arrangement problems.


Symptoms: Light amber deposits encrusted on the ancillary or centermost electrodes or both. Derived from oil ad/or fuel. Boundless bulk may affectation the spark, Causing misfiring and averseness during acceleration.

Recommendations: If boundless deposits accrue over a abbreviate time or mileages, install new valve adviser seals to anticipate seep-age of oil into the agitation chambers. Additionally try alteration gasoline brands.


Symptoms: Oily blanket acquired by poor oil control, oil is aperture accomplished beat valve guides or agent rings into the agitation chamber. Causes adamantine starting, misfiring and hesitation.

Recommendations: Actual thr automated action with all-important aliment and install new plugs.


Symptoms: Agitation deposits abode amid the electrodes, Heavy deposits accrue ad arch the electrode gap. The bung ceases to fire, consistent in a asleep cylinder.

Recommendations: Locate the adulterated bung and abolish the deposits from amid the electrodes.


Symptoms: Blistered, white insulator, breakable electrode and absence of deposits. Aftereffect in beneath bung life.

Recommendations: Analysis for the actual bung calefaction range, over avant-garde agitation timing, angular ammunition mixture, assimilation assorted exhaustion leaks, afraid valves and bereft agent cooling.


Symptoms: Melted electrodes, insulators are white, but may be bedraggled due to misfiring or aerial bits in the agitation chamber. Can beforehand to agent damage.

Recommendations: Analysis for the actual bung calefaction range, over beforehand agitation timing, angular ammunition mixture, bereft agent cooling and abridgement of lubrication.


Symptoms: Insulator has yellowish, anesthetized actualization indicates that agitation alcove temperatures accept risen aback during adamantine acceleration. Normal deposits cook to anatomy a conductive blanket Causes misfiring at aerial speeds.

Recommendations: Install new plugs. Consider application colder bung if active habits warrant.


Symptoms: Insulator may be absurd or chipped, abnormal gap ambience techniques can additionally aftereffect in a burst insulator tip. Can beforehand to agent damage

Recommendations: Make abiding the ammunition anti-knock ethics accommodated agent requirements. Use affliction back ambience the gaps on new plugs. Avoid lugging the engine.


Symptoms: May be causes by a adopted article in the agitation alcove or the agent arresting an incorrect ability (too long) plug, Causes a asleep cylinder, and could aftereffect in agent damage.

Recommendations: Repair the automated damage. Abolish the adopted article from the agent and/or install the actual ability plug.


The real Gambar Modifikasi Honda tiger ,
modified part, stang, back body, muffler, rear  road

Lexus have revealed full details on their Frankfurt concept car – the new Lexus LF-Ch Concept. Previously only one shot each of the front and rear respectively were revealed, but here comes the full press pack with hi-res photos.

Here are new audi r8 2009  , leaked in. it is  said that Tony Stark will also be upgrading to this baby in the sequel to the Iron Man movie. More details will only be unveiled later on what engine options the R8

The new CR-V is only supposed to debut in Japan on the 17th but Honda UK has already officially announced the car with two new photos.
The new CR-V gets new bumpers front and back, a new grille, new alloy wheel designs for both the 17 inch and 18 inch sizes, and upgraded fabric and plastics on the inside.
t's back with avengence and even better than last year!

The four day MCN Motorcycle Show, the biggest in London and the South East, takes place at ExCeL, between 4th – 7th February 2010.
I did a analysis drive and was appealing abundant absolute away, i'm definetly done with superbikes now.
Great comfort, abundant council accumulated with abundant ability and control.
Vario CBS Techno ,Vario CBS Techno. Skutik latest Honda has a number of new features. We also got a chance to try on the streets of Jakarta.

Mega Pro 2009 baru

Dear Kang Topo, I have a motor Mega Pro 2009 and for the rear gear was standard, Tromol wheel. I wanted to ask why for the vibration felt dibonceng ya?
A motor vehicle is a wheeled vehicle whose propulsion is provided by an engine or motor ("motor"). The internal combustion engine is the most common motor choice, although electric motors or other types are sometimes used. Motor vehicles or road vehicles typically run on public roads. The rules of the road are laws or practices which all road users must obey; many relate specifically to motor vehicles or subtypes of them. Some common types of motor vehicle:
* an automobile (usually known as a car in Britain, from a legal term motorised carriage)
* a truck (commonly called a lorry in Britain, - until about 1911 a railway term from load bearer)
* a bus
* a motorcycle
* a motorized bicycle
megapro honda credit over 2009, the color red, black, 250 km, purchase date June 10, 2009, installment 29x,
620,000 rp per month-an, full manual, service book, honda jacket, tools

buy time to pay DP rp 8 million, have already paid the first installment (July bln), the condition msh gress, smooth, fresh from the factory, was officially + service oil change in the spacecraft kalimalang.
sold need for school funding,
price rp 7600000
contact Jerry
0817 481 3494
Brand: HONDA
Model: MegaPro Spokewheel
Used / New?: Used
Year created: 2009
Kilometers: 250
red black
Price: Rp. 7.6 Million
Price Nego
No. Phone: 08174813494
Seller: Private
Postal Code: 13,210
Send Email
City: Jakarta Timur

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