New Mercedes-Benz Design Sculpture

Mercedes-Benz Design Sculpture

Are you com in the 2010 Detroit Motor Show , if you do you can see Mercedes-Benz new , it was presented an automobile sculpture that portrays a concept car body taking form and rising from a liquid surface. The artwork hints at the brand's design language evolution for the next future models.

The sculpture and mysterius car was named "Rising Car", represents a Mercedes-Benz Concept body taking soft, flowing form from liquid - or as if it was covered by a "shimmering cloth" draped over.

it is nature-inspired artwork it is revealed at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show and gives hints on the evolution of the brand's design language, with art-deco elements inspired by the 1930's.

In particular, it could preview the general lines of the next-generation CLS four-door coupé, that should be unveiled within this year.

New Mercedes-Benz Design Sculpture

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