Daftar Pendekar Jupiter Amazing Tour 2010

Surakarta - Travel iron warriors wade duck-Bali route of Java-Sumatra in the "2010 Tour of Jupiter Exploration Amazing 480 hour" entered the third day. Mengnenai good road conditions until new duck excellence Yamaha, Jupiter Z conquer varied terrain is described.

Which has not been revealed, it was a new rider on the Jupiter Z. They are not the origin of stolen goods, but through the selection process, both concerning the physical condition and driving skills.

Of a total of 20 participants, four people chosen by the parties pebalap yamaha national origin groups. They are Hardi Fadillah, Mohammed blessing, Maswi (Wotto Donald), and Afri Eddy.

Meanwhile, the other 16 participants, members of the Jakarta Aliando Poster V-Ixion Motor Club (JVMC), Ahmad Rediyansyah (JVMC), Yofan Lesmana (JVMC), Heri Prasetaean (Yamaha MX Club Indonesia / YMCI), Achmad Agus (YMCI ), Andreas YR Mahulete (YMCI), Salman Alfarisi (Jakarta Jupiter Club / JCC), Eka Rahmat Apriliadi (JJC), and Sumaryadi (JCC).
Furthermore, Agus Widodo (Jakarta F1ZR Association / JFA), Amanto (Yamaha V-Ixion Club / YVC), Slamet Santoso (King's Club Djakarta-Jakarta/KCDj), Rosita (Yamaha Scorpio Club), Joseph Bastian Bachtiar (Jakarta Nouvo Club ( JNC), Yuli Aryanto (Jakarta RZR-RXZ Club / JRC), and Geygy Dermansyah (mio Club Djakarta / MCD).
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