FAIL Ferrari 599 GTO Hits a Pole

Bumping into or perhaps just scraping versus an object even though pulling you vehicle out of a parking area has most likely transpired to everybody a minimum of once or twice. Even so, you'd assume an owner of a spanking new Ferrari 599 GTO value north of €260,000 or near to $400,000 for being much more cautious that normal when trying to reverse out of a parking room. Apparently, getting cautious was not while in the nature in the owner of this blacked out 599 GTO in Cologne, Germany. Video clip follows after the break.
Here’s how the Youtube consumer who filmed the video clip explained the encounter:

FAIL VIDEO Ferrari 599 GTO in Reverse hits a Pole

“I saw this beautiful Ferrari 599 GTO in Cologne. I waited for an hour when the Operator came back again. Then he begins up that Splendor and needed to drive backward. My brother mentioned "Vorsicht" (Be careful) 3 times. Right after which you can hear an awful sound when he hits the pole. It's so unhappy to view the damage and hear that noise.”
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