X3-Spy-12 - New Spyshots zeigen BMW X3 F25

Our reader and occasional writer Andreas Krieger had the good fortune this morning, a prototype in the Frankfurt area detection. As you can see that it is a BMW X3 to the next generation F25, which is still in the course of 2010 hit the market and, unlike the previous model E83 is no longer in Austria, but in the U.S. Spartanburg plant to be built is.

Particularly interesting are the pictures, however, because Andrew has sent us some comments, which describe his live-feel very plastic and give us far more information and insight than we could win with the pictures alone.


The impressions of Andreas' contact with the vehicle are as follows:

The roof line looks very sporty, almost coup├ę-like - no comparison to the current X3!
A trailing edge below the rear window emphasizes the sporty lines. The dynamically protruding shoulder line which circles the entire vehicle. It begins at the upper edge of the pig launcher and ends with the trailing edge of the rear window. This creates a sort of ring that visually convincing.
The contours of the headlamps are similar to the BMW 5 Series GT (F07) strong.
The steering wheel is almost identical to the 7 Series in BMW (F01) and BMW 5 Series (F10), the silver trim elements are available but need a little more apparent than in the other models mentioned.
The small fold (Ashtray / Zigarrettenanz├╝nder) is in front of the shifter bent upwards (as in the 5-F10) and not straight as in F01 (7 Series) and F07 (5-GT)
The cockpit is driver-visible, far more than, say, the 7 Series.
The automatic transmission selector lever is the same as the BMW 7 Series and BMW 5 Series.
The kidneys are sitting conspicuously low, just as in the 5 Series. Below the kidneys there is another air opening such as the X5.
The rear looks very bullish. Overall, this X3 looks flatter than the current model, but also broader and more dynamic.
Not on the hood character lines are visible, but what we know, not necessarily for the production version must be true.
The hood rises sharply just before the windshield. If one viewed from the side, it looks as if the hood fuse with the glass.
The mirrors slowly reach the size of elephant ears, and are apparently increasing.
Looking at the prototypes from 20 to 30 feet away, you think more like the first generation of the BMW X5 (E53)) than the current BMW X3 (E83.

All pictures by Andreas you can see in our gallery, to optics is all said:
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